Rotten piece of timber removed

New stair treads installed

Recycled piece from front of house

The colour choice's for house

Renovate61 Week two of Reno

What do you do when the neighbour comes over and complains about your colour choice!!!!!

 John has had a busy week this week repairing the front stairs and replacing four of the treads.  It is quite funny everyone who comes to have a look at the property go “Wow you have got a lot of work here”.  The fact is it is quite easy if you know what you are doing.    It just took John 2 days to repair the front stairs and replace all the damaged weather boards across the front of the house.  Again if regular maintenance had been done this work would never have been required.  Paint is what protects timber and stops the water from getting in and damaging it.  The modern boards you buy may look the same but the profile is metric and the old boards on your house are imperial.  So you need to replace the full length or else it will not match up.  Remember to always keep the board that you removed as it may be used elsewhere once you cut the damaged bit off as per the photo remember to paint the edges (any old paint will do).  

Saturday morning was colour choice day.  Upset the neighbours here with my colour choice.  Got two sample pots one in “Beige Interest” and the other was “Baby Face”.  The next thing we know the neighbour was over saying her husband was worried we were going to paint the house pink.  I said I am, her reply was no you can’t do that, the other colour which was beige but she called it grey would look so much nicer, you can’t paint it pink.  I was going to tell her that my house was painted pink and I love it (but didn’t have the heart).  Luckily for her we had decided to go with the boring beige as we are selling the house and need to colour to the general public not my taste (another tip to remember – renovate to the wider mass).